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We provide complete overhead wiring solutions to the Australian railway industry.

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We offer our clients all-round, in-house traction rail service including:


About Us

Our unique set of capabilities, combined with our expertise and commitment to shared success makes us a preferred partner for overhead wiring works in Queensland and around Australia.


Our specialist team has gained wide-ranging experience and know-how through delivering traction power services in most states and territories around Australia for the past 30 years to major network owners and private sidings operators. This extensive experience enables our team to adequately assess and determine maintenance and construction requirements, develop a comprehensive plan for construction and implement this plan whilst ensuring that compliance with industry standards and the safety of those working on the traction infrastructure is maintained.


We work closely with our valued clients to achieve unique, innovative, and cost-effective solutions and pride ourselves on collaborating with our partners to provide exceptional value to projects of all sizes and complexity, with the highest degree of professionalism.


Our leadership team at WIRED drives our organisation, guides our strategy and leads our people. Their cohesive and collaborative approach fosters a culture of innovation and safety and they have consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to execute complex projects with precision and efficiency. With a diverse skill set and a commitment to continuous improvement, our leaders set a shining example in the field of overhead wiring construction, driving both excellence and innovation in the industry.

Jason Priest is a Rail Manager with over 18 years of experience in the rail transportation industry. He is one of the co-founders and the General Manager of WIRED Overhead Solutions.

Jason’s journey in the Rail sector began with his Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering, which laid the foundation for his passion in infrastructure development. He started his career working on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link project in Ashford, gaining invaluable knowledge in the planning and implementation of rail systems.

Throughout his career, Jason has held several prominent roles in major construction organisations. He has successfully managed multimillion-dollar projects, overseeing the design, construction, and the implementation of major rail construction projects. His ability to streamline operations and optimise resources has consistently resulted in increased efficiency and improved service delivery.

As the General Manager of WIRED, Jason leads a dynamic team of professionals, ensuring the company is committed to providing safe, reliable, and sustainable traction rail solutions. He tirelessly works towards enhancing the stakeholder experience by providing high quality project outcomes, employing and developing high-performance teams that are aligned to WIRED’s vision and values, achieving trusting partnerships with stakeholders, and building profound relationships with local communities here in Australia. Jason’s strategic vision has played a vital role in WIRED’s continued growth and success. His leadership is characterised by his ability to inspire and empower his team. He fosters a culture of collaboration, open communication, and continuous learning. By encouraging creativity and embracing new technologies, he ensures that WIRED remains at the forefront of the industry.

Matthew is a highly experienced and skilled traction rail General Superintendent with a strong passion for the efficient and safe construction of traction rail systems. With over 18 years of experience in the field, Matthew has become an expert in overseeing and managing all aspects of traction rail operations. As a co-founder of WIRED, Matthew is now the General Superintendent of our organisation.

Matthew’s career in the rail industry began at Queensland Rail, where he undertook the Certificate III – Rail Traction and quickly gained hands-on experience working on various traction rail projects. His dedication and attention to detail earned him several promotions throughout the years, eventually leading him to the role of Traction Rail Superintendent.

In his current position as General Superintendent, Matthew is responsible for coordinating and supervising the overall operations at WIRED. He oversees the installation of overhead wiring, underground high voltage, and electrical light voltage systems, ensuring that all equipment is functioning optimally to provide a safe and reliable rail transportation service.

Matthew’s exceptional leadership and organisational skills have proven invaluable in managing large teams of supervisors, linesman, and apprentice staff. He is known for his ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with all stakeholders, including clients, contractors, and network operators.

Matthew Eglinton’s unwavering commitment to excellence, his dedication to our organisation, and his deep understanding of traction rail systems make him an invaluable asset to WIRED.

Kyle Lunney is a highly skilled and experienced overhead wiring Project Manager at WIRED specialising in traction rail systems. With over 11 years of industry expertise, he has consistently delivered successful projects and played a key role in some of Australia’s largest rail projects.

Kyle’s deep understanding of traction rail systems stems from his educational background in electrical and power systems engineering. He holds a Diploma of Civil Engineering, a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, and Master of Project and Construction Management.

Throughout his career, Kyle has successfully managed numerous large-scale projects, from initial planning and design to construction, testing, and commissioning. His technical expertise lies in traction power substations, overhead line electrification and associated infrastructure. His excellent people-management skills combined with his technical know-how and delivery ability have propelled him into the position of head of major projects at WIRED.

Kyle’s ability to collaborate effectively with multidisciplinary teams and stakeholders has been instrumental in his project successes. He is well-versed in coordinating with civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers, as well as engaging with network operators, contractors, and suppliers. His strong leadership skills and excellent communication have enabled him to effectively manage project risks, resolve issues, and ensure the smooth execution of complex projects.

Kyle’s passion for traction rail systems combined with his technical expertise and project management skills is why WIRED continue to successfully deliver key rail infrastructure projects across Australia.

Warren is one of the most experienced overhead wiring rail construction managers in Australia and he is highly skilled in the delivery of complex traction power system infrastructure in brownfield and greenfield environments. As WIRED’s head of construction, he plays a pivotal role in overseeing and coordinating major projects from inception to completion.

Warren has over 38 years’ experience in the traction rail industry throughout Australia, including maintenance and construction within NSW government railways and 17 years in the contracting rail industry. For the past 15 years, Warren has overseen developing and leading highly skilled rail traction teams in NSW, VIC & QLD, delivering a significant number of key overhead wiring projects throughout Australia.

In his current position as WIRED’s Construction Manager, Warren is responsible for managing the interface of major project construction in a safe and reliable manner, proactively engaging in effective constructability solutions and coordinating construction and design through to delivery, as well as implementing safe, reliable construction solutions specific for project needs.

Warren takes enormous pride in understanding client needs to develop efficient methodologies and solutions to overcome restrictive access constraints, as well as interfacing with numerous rail disciplines to ultimately deliver projects in the most resource and cost-effective ways possible.

Warren’s unparalleled technical knowledge combined with his understanding of traction rail systems, his strive for continuous improvement, and his unique ability to find innovative, project specific solutions to integrate concept designs into construction deliverables make him an invaluable part of WIRED’s leadership team.

Who we are

WIRED was founded in 2016 in Brisbane, Australia by Jason Priest and Matthew Eglinton, who identified a significant unmet demand for a traction rail specialist in the Australian market. With their prior experience in the industry, their expertise and complementary skills in the field, Matt and Jason decided to combine their knowledge and skills to provide high-quality overhead wiring solutions and fill the gap in the market.

Since its humble beginnings, WIRED has experienced a steady, healthy growth and is now well recognised as an expert in traction power systems within Queensland and Australia wide, thanks to our positive reputation, our commitment to high quality and our continued drive for successful outcomes for our customers.

With a large team of over 50 employees and the largest overhead wiring fleet in Australia, WIRED has been involved in some of Australia’s largest and most complex rail infrastructure projects.

At WIRED, our specialised focus on overhead wiring systems allows us to aim to be the best in the industry by recruiting the very best people, providing state-of-the-art machinery and equipment and being experts on Australian rail networks.